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Phone with example of DDA Business social ad

DDA “Back to Business” Digital Marketing Program

Local Success Stories

Last spring, the DDA launched the “Back to Business” digital marketing support program, allowing all businesses in Delhi Township the opportunity to take advantage of digital marketing support services completely funded by the DDA. Digital marketing provides an opportunity for businesses of virtually any size or industry to speak directly to a captive digital audience. … Continued

Bill Barrow sitting in chair

Scooters Pro Cycle says goodbye to founder and friend

Holt lost a community fixture this past summer. Bill Barrows, former owner and founder of Holt Pro Cycle passed away in July. Seeing a need for a community bike shop, Bill opened up Holt Pro Cycle in 1979 in Holt. Current owner Mark Dunn was just a kid when the shop first opened and recalled … Continued

Close-up of a mechanic working on a car engine

Snyder’s Auto Repair

A modern twist on old-fashioned customer service

For couple Mattie Rickman and Rosco Snyder, a car is a lot more than just an engine and four wheels. “A car is a personal thing,” Mattie said. “It helps you get to work. It keeps your kids safe. We like our customers to be informed about their cars so they can make an informed … Continued

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Ardha Moon Logo

Ardha Moon Yoga

Finding peace, restoration and connection

If there’s one thing we could all use right now, it’s a little bit of zen.  Restoration, peace and connection is exactly what Ellen Larson hopes people achieve when they attend a class at Ardha Moon Yoga.  “Everyone is so busy and so overscheduled and they really forget about taking care of themselves,” she said. … Continued

Building Twentyone reopens to Greater Lansing and Delhi teens

As schools launch virtually this year, Building Twentyone Teen Center is working hard to establish ways to safely and effectively open their doors to Holt and Mason students grades 7-12. They officially reopened their doors on September 14.  “Now more than ever, families and students have the need for tutoring services, student-driven programs, and a … Continued

Historical Holt — A Growing Community!

A circa 1911 view of Holt Road just east of Cedar Street

Fascinating period details about our community can be gleaned from this image. In the foreground, the tracks for the interurban electric railway can be seen across a dirt Holt Road. Adjacent to the tracks is evidence of an infrastructure project.  These three homes belonged to prominent Delhi families. The third house was the home of … Continued

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Say hello to the Hidden Gem Event Venue

Former Charlar Place becomes Holt’s newest wedding venue

More than 10 years ago, Ernest and Carmen Tisdale were a young couple, searching for the perfect venue for their fall wedding. They wanted something simple yet elegant, peaceful, and quiet, that could easily be personalized to fit their unique style. But after calling more than 65 potential venues, the couple realized that finding the … Continued

The Holt Farmers’ Market is open Saturdays!

We are excited to invite the community to join us at the Holt Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday Mini-Markets are closed until further notice. In order to keep all of our market patrons safe and healthy, we have implemented the following operational changes. We are anxious for the time when … Continued

Kitsmiller RV Starts New Sister Company — Kitsmiller Konsignment

Anyone who has ever tried a do-it-yourself sale of a big-ticket item knows what a hassle it can be. Between determining a fair price, listing the item online, negotiating with potential buyers, and scheduling viewings, the whole process can be a huge headache and open some sellers up to potential scams. Kitsmiller RV knew this … Continued

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