Kitsmiller RV Starts New Sister Company — Kitsmiller Konsignment

Anyone who has ever tried a do-it-yourself sale of a big-ticket item knows what a hassle it can be. Between determining a fair price, listing the item online, negotiating with potential buyers, and scheduling viewings, the whole process can be a huge headache and open some sellers up to potential scams. Kitsmiller RV knew this was a concern for many of their customers and decided to take action.

They launched Kitsmiller Konsignment, a sister company of their local, longstanding, family-owned RV dealership.

“We decided to launch Kitsmiller Konsignment for the community because we base our company on our customer’s needs and this was a huge need in our community,” said Amber Arevalos, sales manager of Kitsmiller RV. “There was a need to provide people a safe and hassle-free way of selling their RVs. A lot of people felt uneasy about allowing people to come to their house and felt that there was more of a chance to be a part of a scam.”

So how does it work? You take your old RV or camper to Kitsmiller Konsignment and tell them how much you’d like to receive from the sale. Kitsmiller Konsignment will handle the cleaning, photos, listing, customer walk-throughs, and final sale. They mark up your requested price to cover their costs and you walk away hassle-free.

Kitsmiller RV has been family-owned and operated since 1961 and has built their business on making their customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s helping a family find the perfect RV or providing an option for someone to take the hassle out of selling an RV, customer service is the backbone of their business.

“RVs are a home away from home, so I am providing my customers as much knowledge about their purchase to make sure this fits all their needs,” Amber said. “Although there is never a perfect purchase here at Kitsmiller RV, we try and make sure that the customers’ money is going towards something they will love and enjoy as well as create a lot of lifelong memories.”

Kitsmiller Konsignment and Kitsmiller RV is at 1211 N Cedar Street in Mason, 517.694.7500,