The Holt Farmers’ Market is open Saturdays!

We are excited to invite the community to join us at the Holt Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday Mini-Markets are closed until further notice. In order to keep all of our market patrons safe and healthy, we have implemented the following operational changes. We are anxious for the time when COVID-19 no longer requires us to take these precautions. Until then, please shop local and stay healthy!

Face masks
All customers, Holt Farmers’ Market vendors and employees will be required to wear a face mask inside the market. Masks must cover the mouth and nose and remain on at all times.

Social distancing

Customers are asked to maintain social distancing while shopping inside and on the market property.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the shopping area for use by customers, vendors, and employees. Building capacity and children (under 16 years of age) The number of shoppers inside the market will continue to be limited. Groups of up to four will be allowed. Children are allowed inside the market only when accompanied by an adult. Children must stay with the adult at all times.

Customer flow
There will be one entrance into the market (north side of the building) and one exit (south side of the building). Customers will move in a one-way direction once inside the market and will follow directional signage and maintain social distancing.

Shopping Only
While we all enjoy the opportunity to socialize, during this pandemic the market is open for shopping only. Customers and vendors are asked to keep socialization to a minimum in consideration of others.

Customers are discouraged from using cash. Debit/credit is preferred. Customers will not be allowed to consume food or drinks while inside the market. Please note that picnic tables, public restrooms, and the drinking fountain will not be available
for customer use.

Holt Farmers Market is at 2150 Cedar Street in Holt, 517.268.0024,