Historical Holt — A Growing Community!

A circa 1911 view of Holt Road just east of Cedar Street

Fascinating period details about our community can be gleaned from this image. In the foreground, the tracks for the interurban electric railway can be seen across a dirt Holt Road. Adjacent to the tracks is evidence of an infrastructure project. 

These three homes belonged to prominent Delhi families. The third house was the home of Minor E. Park, a lifelong resident, and businessman. In the early 1920s, Mr. Park donated his garden adjacent to his home so that a road may connect the new Arlington Park subdivision development to Holt Road. That road was named in his honor, Park Lane. The fourth structure shown is the old Holt School, built in 1875 and burned in 1914. After the devastating school fire, a new school was built on the site, remnants of which still exist as part of Hope Middle School.

Photo courtesy of the Holt-Delhi Historical Society. To learn more, check out the Holt, Michigan: A Slice of History Facebook page, or www.holthistory.org/history.