Glass of water

The Water Store

Serves up affordable and quality water

Water has been part of the Tong family story for a long time as owners of The Water Store in Holt. Three generations to be exact.

“When we started off, my grandpa owned a soft water business and then he started bottling water for people,” said Chris Tong, manager of The Water Store. “I’m the third generation. My mom, Tina, owns the business and my father, Roy, is the head manager.”

And for the Tongs, taking care of their customers as if they were family is what they do. As is providing the best quality products possible. “We’re a small, family business, so we take care of our customers and they’re all very important to us,” Chris says. “Service really is our biggest thing. We stretch ourselves to take care of people.”

“We’re a small, family business, so we take care of our customers and they’re all very important to us…”

The Water Store offers water and coffee services to businesses and individuals in the community. Water services include providing purified, spring, distilled or deionized water, as well as offering water cooler or bottleless filtered systems. Coffee services include providing equipment including brewers, as well as regular filtered bag coffee, K-Cups, sugar, creamer, cups and more.

Businesses can have water or coffee service delivered or pick up products. But The Water Store is for more than just businesses. Individuals can also sign up for home delivery or come into the storefront onsite to purchase any of these products or fill their own water. They also 24-hour outdoor water vending where customers can fill water at any time.

While the business originally started in Jackson and still has stores in that location, it was important to the Tongs to open their Holt location in 2015 and have a local presence to better serve the Greater Lansing area.

“Our goal is to provide the purest, most affordable water we can and ease of convenience,” Chris says. “Not everyone can afford a system at home, so we’re another option to get you better quality water.”

The Water Store is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. The Water Store is located at 2419 N. Cedar Road in Holt, 517.764.7210,