Trick Titanium

“Proven combination for winning”

Unless you happen to own a race car, you might not have paid much attention to the unassuming building where “the gold standard of bellhousings” and other precision race car components are manufactured. Trick Titanium produces titanium valves, housings and other high-performance components sold to racing teams and owners worldwide. Entrepreneur, race car driver and … Continued

Gupta Allergy

Allergy and Asthma Specialists

If you don’t suffer from allergies or asthma yourself, you undoubtedly know at least one person who does. However, said Dave Gupta, M.D., asthma and allergies—particularly food allergies—are often over- or mis-diagnosed. “We try to focus on accurate diagnosis of asthma and food allergies,” he said. “Rather than rush to attach a label, we want … Continued

Delhi Ranks High in Housing Starts, Assessed Values

Local communities seeing the most growth in housing starts are Delhi Township, Okemos and East Lansing, said Greater Lansing Board of REALTORS® president Kim Dunham in a recent Lansing State Journal article ( Among the factors driving this growth, according to the article, are the availability of land in these communities and the positive reputations … Continued

Simple Steps for Bicycle Safety

On Patrol in OurTown

Spring brings ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. One favorite activity for all ages is riding a bicycle—and our community offers plenty of trails to explore and roadways to travel. But please be safe when you ride! I have watched my children begin to gain confidence in their own abilities, hone their balancing skills, and learn … Continued

Meet Otto’s Chicken

Holt Farmers Market - Vendor Profile

You’re sure to love the taste of this locally raised chicken. Otto’s chickens enjoy fresh, natural food and clean water, as well as plenty of space for roaming around. Exercise and diet are very important in the health of the chicken, and healthy chicken is tasty chicken! Otto’s Chicken combines years of experience, top-notch management … Continued

Former library to serve as community meeting place

It’s been a library, a daycare center and more, but for the past year or so, the neat brick building at 4410 Holt Road has sat unused. That’s about to change. Now owned by the Delhi DDA and Delhi Township, the former library will soon be renovated to house the Holt-Delhi Historical Society offices and … Continued

“The Four Corners”

OurTown - Then & Now

This year marks the 175th anniversary of Delhi Charter Township. What better time to take a look back—way back!—at earlier days? We don’t have a photo from the year of our founding, 1842, but here’s the intersection of Holt Road and Cedar Street circa 1914—and as it looks now, with nary a horse in sight! … Continued

Wertz Orthopedic Physical Therapy

"Physical therapy as it should be"

“I inherently enjoy helping people function better. I enjoy watching them get better at what they’ve been struggling with.” So says physical therapist Nathan Wertz, MS, PT, OMPT, CIDN, about why he does what he does. Whether the struggle is recovering from an athletic injury, an auto accident, a work-related condition or pre- or post-surgery rehab, Nate’s goal is to … Continued

Scooter’s Holt Pro Cycle moves to new location

  It’s been five years since Mark Dunn bought the bicycle business where he worked as a kid. Now he’s bought a bigger building to house it. “We were bursting at the seams,” said Mark. “We decided to step it up.” His new shop—across from Holt Farmers Market—offered a prime location on Cedar Street. But … Continued