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Delhi Township

Holt sees continued growth thanks to community support

For the last 20 years, Delhi Township has been the fastest growing community in the area. Delhi Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Executive Director Howard Haas attributes this to the investments made and the involvement of the community. “The parks we’ve built, the roads we’ve fixed, the factory areas we’ve developed, have made Delhi Township the fastest growing area in mid-Michigan.”

Delhi Township’s small businesses are an integral part of creating a thriving community. “Supporting local businesses, who are our friends and neighbors, is an easy thing to do,” Haas said. “Our businesses are well-run and, for the most part, local people who live here and work here.”

The outdoor spaces in Delhi Township also continue to attract residents and visitors who want to get outdoors. “I’m very excited about the parks and trails systems we’ve developed here,” Haas said. “Pick any day of the year, and you will find someone on the trails.” Biking and skating, playgrounds, boating, fishing, and sports are just some of the activities the parks offer. With nearly 100 acres of space between seven parks, there is something for everyone in Delhi Township Parks.

Haas says growing employment opportunities at surrounding hospitals, Michigan State University, and the new McKesson facility are all important to attract new residents to Holt. He believes future growth will come from housing and neighborhoods as people relocate to the community. “I see nothing but the upside now, with all of the housing that’s started and all of the developers that are interested in locating here,” he said. “I think we’ll see a continued pattern of growth.”

The Delhi Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Delhi Township businesses and the community prosper together. Visit delhidda.com for more information.