Rapid Mold Removal staff

Rapid Mold Removal helps Michigan families breathe easier!

If you live in Michigan, you know that moisture can be an enemy to your home— especially when it provides a safe harbor for harmful microorganisms. That’s where Rapid Mold Removal steps in.

“We pride ourselves in being very knowledgeable in mold,” said Jenn Dusseau, the company’s customer service manager.

Rapid Mold Removal uses several methods for mold remediation and prevention in basements, crawl spaces, attics, and other cramped, dark spaces where mold loves to grow. Expert technicians use high-powered tools and eco-friendly cleaning products to remediate more than 30 different species of mold, including black mold, which is toxic to humans.

Their expertise has helped their business spread to 22 states, and counting, in just four years. Headquartered in Lansing, the company was started in 2012 by Aaron Jones and Lance McCarty.

Dusseau says the company’s highly trained technicians and excellent customer service enabled their exponential growth.

“We get someone out to you immediately because we don’t want mold to stay there and fester,” she said. “Mold is very scary. It can make you feel very sick, and sometimes you don’t know why you feel sick.”

When mold of any variety is growing in a home, residents will frequently experience a specific set of symptoms: sore throat, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and itchy ears.

Dusseau says that it’s important to know the warning signs of mold before it starts to impact your health. A mildewy, musky smell is often one of the first signs. Also, look out for a visible white film on wood or dark spots on your drywall.

To prevent mold, the Rapid Mold Removal team recommends keeping your basements and crawl spaces free from any moisture. Identify any potential leaks and fix them as soon as possible, use a dehumidifier, keep up on sump pump maintenance, and ensure that water doesn’t pool next to your foundation.

When particularly wet seasons do come, like the one the greater Lansing area saw this spring, Rapid Mold Removal is always there help catch the early signs of mold, clean affected areas, and keep your family safe.

“Getting mold is very unfortunate,” Dusseau said. “But knowing that these homes are in the hands of our amazing technicians means it will all work out.”

Rapid Mold Removal is on 2607 Eaton Rapids Road in Lansing, 800.269.1909, rapidmoldremoval.net.