The GI Clinic: Advanced technology in a comfortable atmosphere

For some patients, choosing between the advanced technology of a large-scale practice and the homey atmosphere of a smaller office is difficult. Not for the patients at the GI Clinic in Lansing.

“A lot of new advancements are being made and we’re on the cutting edge,” said Debbie Reid, the office manager of the practice.

The GI Clinic is made up of two gastroenterologists and a small team of medical professionals. Dr. Salim Jaffer, MD, and Dr. Allison Wood, DO started the private practice in 2017. Both doctors see patients in the office two days a week and spend the remaining time performing gastrointestinal procedures at McClaren Hospital.

Patients visit the office for a range of digestive and intestinal issues, everything from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, to intestinal polyps and colon cancer.

One of those most advanced diagnostic and exploratory procedures they offer is capsule endoscopy, where the patient swallows a capsule sized camera that takes thousands of photos of the inside of the digestive system, helping physicians identify inflammation, bleeding, or cancer in areas that would otherwise be unreachable.

Though the small practice is proud of their high-quality technology, they know it’s no substitute for personalized patient care.

“We’re in a small, private office,” Reid said. “It’s cozy and homey. People just like being comfy in here and we talk to them like they’re one of the family.”

Each patient is treated as an individual, and while advanced procedures may provide relief for some patients, others may need simple dietary recommendations or lifestyle changes to ease their symptoms.

Regardless of which procedure is right for each patient, it’s all about helping people find relief.

“Our patients are first and foremost, and we always go above and beyond to make sure they’re taken care of,” Reid said.

The GI Clinic is on 4136 Legacy Parkway in Lansing, 517.999.5300