Ongoing road improvements will benefit Delhi community

Deputy James Rowley

We all complain about the state of our roads and infrastructure. Road construction is a temporary inconvenience, but in the long run improves safety for motorists, pedestrians, and seniors and helps avoid costly vehicle repairs. Construction projects within our community and state will soon begin. These projects will fix the very roads we have been bitterly cursing with every pothole our tires slam into.

Take a moment in the morning to remember everything before you leave the house. Coffee, phone, keys, sunglasses …. patience? Time has become the single precious commodity we can little afford to give away. There are so many demands on our time that we are unable to process the overload. This can lead to a breakdown of civility, patience, and understanding. It can also create dangerous environments in all aspects of life. These dangers are amplified inside 4,000 pounds of steel set in motion on a roadway.

Your neighbors will be the people completing these construction projects. They work for the Lansing Board of Water & Light, Consumers Energy, Ingham County Road Department, Delhi Township Public Works, and many private construction, paving, concrete and barricading companies. Drive slow, limit distractions, and leave five minutes earlier than you have in the past.

Distractions such as eating, cell phone use, or loud music can erode our focus. Please devote your time and full attention to the most important facet of life at that very moment — driving. Also, be patient and follow the motor vehicle code. As tempting as it may be, wait at traffic signals and do not attempt to circumvent the lights. Taking a shortcut through a private business parking lot to avoid the traffic signal is a civil infraction. The law is MCL 257.611 Use of Private Property to Avoid Traffic Control Device. Another common violation associated with time demands or lack of patience is running through a changing or red light. This violation is also a civil infraction that is MCL 257.612(1)(b) Disregard Steady Yellow Signal.

There is light at the end of the repair tunnel. These projects are what we all have been asking for. Be patient and show the people around you the true character you possess as a member of this community. Thank you and please enjoy spring with all it offers.

Please do not hesitate to contact any Delhi Division Sheriff’s Office deputy with questions or concerns. 2045 North Cedar Street in Holt, 517.695.0045