Domino’s still serving up great pizza and more

"Anyone can make and deliver a pizza, but it’s all about how well you take care of your customers," said Dave Pavlik, owner of Domino’s on Cedar Street.

This local Domino’s franchise is part of one of the largest pizza distributors in the country, offering customizable pizzas, chicken, sandwiches, bread sticks, pasta, desserts, and more.

Pavlik spent his teenage years and early adulthood working as a pizza delivery driver at the same location he now owns. He worked his way up the ladder to become the assistant manager and then the manager while attending Lansing Community College for restaurant management. When Domino’s decided to sell some of their corporate stores, Pavlik jumped at the opportunity. He has been the owner and operator of the Cedar Street Domino’s location since 1989.

“The opportunity was just too good to pass up,” he said.

The pizza business has changed a lot in the past 30 years, but Pavlik’s secret to business success has always remained constant.

“Make a great pizza, deliver it in 22 minutes or less with a smile on your face and always take care of the customer,” he said. “That’s my biggest philosophy.”

While construction for the Realize Cedar project has reduced the number of in-store visits, Pavlik is proud to report that he has not seen a reduction in sales. Holt continues to support Domino’s great pizza and high-quality customer service.

If your stomach is rumbling for some Domino’s pizza, Pavlik recommends checking out the store’s numerous digital avenues for customer orders.

“If you haven’t ordered from us in a long time, try ordering online,” he said. You can customize your order and place it from the Domino’s app on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

However, if apps aren’t quite your style, Pavlik says his cheerful staff will always be ready to take your pizza order over the phone.

“Just give us a call,” he said.

Domino’s is at 2068 Cedar Street in Holt, 517.694.8115,