Stone Circle Bakehouse

It’s been seven years since Kevin Cosgrove opened Stone Circle Bakehouse, became a full-time baker of artisan breads – and appeared in Our Town. So what’s been happening since?

For one thing, Kevin says, “I’ve grown accustomed to getting out of bed at 4:04 a.m.!”

More importantly, Stone Circle Bakehouse has steadily grown and established itself in the marketplace. Its handcrafted products are enjoyed at area restaurants and are available at local grocers and farmers markets. Stone Circle bakes six days a week November through April; that bumps up to every day when farmers market season begins in May.

“We’re small and nimble,” Kevin says, which enables the bakehouse to respond readily to the needs of its restaurant clients. at might include accommodating a request for something new – quickly. “Restaurateurs are creative,” he says. “And they like to work with local sources.”

One significant change since Stone Circle began has been the addition of a gas-fired convection oven. is has allowed Kevin to expand from breads to more delicate items like soft pretzels, scones and chocolate croissants.

“We opened with a wood-fired oven, which is HOT,” Kevin explains. At 500-600 degrees, he says, it’s great for breads, but too hot for more delicate or flaky items.

Regardless whether the end product is a hearty loaf or a flaky croissant, “The [care we take with the] work doesn’t change,” Kevin says. “We’re craftsmen.”

Baking is a solitary craft, he points out – and, in his wholesaler role, Kevin doesn’t often get to see who’s enjoying his products. But it’s different at the East Lansing and Allen Street farmers markets where he is a vendor and has an opportunity to talk directly with the consumer.

“I get to meet all kinds of customers from different walks of life,” he says – and adds that their feedback may inspire a new tasty treat or a way to make an existing product even better.

You may reach Stone Circle Bakehouse at 517.881.0603,