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Scooters Pro Cycle says goodbye to founder and friend

Holt lost a community fixture this past summer. Bill Barrows, former owner and founder of Holt Pro Cycle passed away in July.

Seeing a need for a community bike shop, Bill opened up Holt Pro Cycle in 1979 in Holt. Current owner Mark Dunn was just a kid when the shop first opened and recalled Bill’s dedication to sharing his love of bikes with local children. Mark grew up racing for Bill’s BMX teams, hanging around the shop and even worked at the shop as an adult. Bill was always a close family friend.

“He was such an important part of this community,” Mark said. “He did so much for all of us kids that hung out around the shop.” 

Bill decided to retire and close Holt Pro Cycle back in 2009. But Mark remembered from growing up that Holt needed a community bike shop. He called Bill and asked him what it would take to get the shop up and running again.

Two years later, Mark opened up Scooters Pro Cycle, building upon the legacy of customer service that Bill created during his 30 years of ownership, including a big emphasis on next-
day service — a feature that sets Scooters apart from the competition to this day.

“You’re part of the family here,” Mark said “That’s what Bill showed us when we worked for him. The customers that come in here, they don’t feel like just customers. They know us by name.”

Bill worked side by side with Mark as he built up Scooters Pro Cycle, even stopping in to help Mark just weeks before he passed away.

“We had customers coming in just to see him,” Mark said. “We at the shop would not be here today if it wasn’t for Bill. He brought bikes into so many people’s lives.”

Scooter Holt Pro Cycle is at 2169 Cedar Street in Holt, 517.694.6702,