New signs help trail-goers find their way

If you’ve been out on the Delhi Trails recently, you may have noticed some new signs orienting you to your position on the trail and your distance to key landmarks. These signs are part of a county-wide effort to establish a wayfinding system on all Ingham-County Trails. Using consistent sign placement, content, and design, Ingham County residents and visitors can more easily navigate trails, discover new areas of interest and safely reach desired destinations.

“These signs are designed to be accessible to people of all abilities and use consistent visual elements to help trail-goers know that they are using an official Delhi Township trail that is part of the extensive trail system in Ingham County,” said Delhi Township Manager Tracy Miller.

The content on each sign varies by purpose and includes maps and trailhead markers, mile markers, amenities, points of interest, regulatory/warning signage, and interpretive signs (stories about historical, cultural, educational or natural resources on the trail). The trail wayfinding project is funded through state grants, secured through a partnership with the Ingham County Trails Parks and Millage.