Mindy’s Bridal

Creating dream dresses for generations

Throughout her lifetime in the bridal and formal dress business, Mindy has seen lots of change. Fabrics, necklines, cuts, overlays, embroidery, embellishments — all of these elements of the perfect wedding, prom and evening dress seem to change with time.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Mindy’s Bridal Shop. Since she opened more than 20 years ago, Mindy has continued to offer dream dresses to generations of Holt-area ladies. In addition to ordering the latest styles from suppliers, Mindy also designs and makes her own dresses.

“If customers bring me their own designs, I definitely can make them,” she said.

Mindy received her master’s in sewing back home in the Philippines. She worked in several bridal shops after moving to the United States before deciding to open her own shop in Holt.

“I think it’s a quiet and family-oriented place,” she said.

She welcomes the flood of customers who come through her doors during prom and wedding season. In addition to expert service and custom designs, Mindy offers free alterations to any customer who buys a full price dress.

“It’s very exciting and fun to chat with the customer and make the dream dress,” she said.

Though styles may change, customers’ dedication to Mindy’s Bridal Shop remains strong.

“Flower girls I had in 2000 are now getting married,” she said. “It’s amazing to watch the generations come back.”

Mindy’s Bridal & Dress Shop is at 4319 Holt Road, 517.694.2887.