Esker Square

“The beginning of many good things”

In spring 2018, The Gillespie Company will break ground for the first phase of Esker Square—a $12 million mixed-use development that will house apartments, retail and office space. It’s also a key component of Realize Cedar—an initiative years in the making that will “change Cedar Street from a transitional road to a real downtown,” says Howard Haas, executive director of Holt’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

“We’re excited to be a small part of the grand vision that Howard and the township have worked so hard to lay out,” says Scott Gillespie, owner and founder of The Gillespie Company, which will build Esker Square. “Part of our mission is to have a positive transformative effect on an area through the built environment.”

And a transformation it will be. Like many of the properties the DDA has purchased and rehabilitated over the past 27 years, the Esker Square site requires environmental remediation to make the once-blighted property safe and desirable for development. Finding a development partner capable of handling such a transformation is key, says Haas, and The Gillespie Company has proven to be such a partner.

“The relationship between the DDA and developers is very important to creating properties people want,” he says. “Transforming this property into a vibrant new complex is just the beginning of many good things that will happen in the near future.”

“The DDA has been incredible to work with,” Gillespie adds. “We’re thrilled to be involved with a community that has a long-term vision and is looking to grow.”

Haas and Gillespie agree that developments that combine living space with restaurants, offices and retail space contribute to a more walkable, pedestrian-friendly community—one of the primary goals of Realize Cedar.

“We’ve had literally thousands of conversations with our citizens about what they want to see,” says Haas. “We believe this project will jump-start the creation of a bold new downtown for Holt.”

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