Dart Development helps Delhi Township businesses thrive

For Dart Development, being a business landlord is about more than providing a space for commerce. It’s about going above and beyond for business tenants.

“We are always looking for ways to make a difference for businesses and build strong relationships,” said Marsha Zimmerman, marketing manager for Dart Development.

An investment arm of Dart Container, Dart Development owns and manages various properties around the country. Dart Development owns the Oakwood Executive Park, which is located between Pine Tree Road and Dunckel Road in Delhi Township. The business park houses a broad range of tenants, including a biotech company and a supplier to General Motors.

Unlike other business park landlords, Dart Development’s offices and maintenance staff are physically located in the Oakwood Executive Park. As a result, tenants have direct access to the staff if they have questions or concerns.

“We’re long-term owners,” Zimmerman said. “We’ve always owned these buildings and we always plan to. We have a lot of pride in taking care of our facilities.”

Dart Development’s commitment to their tenants expands beyond making sure the buildings stay well maintained. They are dedicated to seeing Delhi Township businesses grow.

“We’re just here to make a difference for businesses,” said Zimmerman. “Whether it’s by providing space solutions or working to meet the other needs of a business.”

Zimmerman says that the Dart Development team works alongside new businesses to help them succeed, whether it’s negotiating lease rates or finding other ways to improve the tenant experience.

Their client-focused approach not only helps Dart Development thrive but supports their business tenants as they grow and expand.

“We’ve had so many tenants that have outgrown their space as a result of growth and success. In many instances, we are able to move them into a larger space within the Oakwood Executive Park,” Zimmerman said. “Sometimes, we have a long-term tenant that grows so large they have to move out of our park because they’ve expanded many times and now are growing into their own building. It’s always sad to see a good business tenant go, but at the same time, we’re excited that the business is continuing to grow in our Greater Lansing region.”

Dart Development is at 3120 Sovereign Drive #4b in Lansing, (888) 327-8001, dartdevelopment.com.