Wild Strawberry and More

Creative gifts for any occasion!

When a birthday, anniversary, or other special holiday rolls around, nothing says “I love you” quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

“Basically the flower business is an emotional business,” said Ruth Leyrer, one of the owners of the family owned and operated shop. “Whether it’s love or caring thoughts and prayers, the flower business is for letting someone know how you feel.”

But as the name would suggest, Wild Strawberry and More carries much more than just fresh flower arrangements.

The shop also offers a variety of fresh flowering plants, chocolate, plush, greeting cards, gift baskets, and more.

For Leyrer, one service that makes Wild Strawberry and More really special is their hand dipped fruit bouquets. Intricately cut fruits are dipped into smooth chocolate and delicately arranged to resemble a floral arrangement. The bouquets are handmade in a special industrial-grade kitchen in the shop’s Holt location.

“It’s a special treat for the Holt area,” she said. “No pun intended.”

Wild Strawberry and More serves more than just the Holt area. All in all, they deliver to 25 different cities and villages around the Greater Lansing area: from Charlotte to Leslie, and St. John’s to Williamston and beyond.

“We’re all about service,” Leyrer said.

The shop has two locations: one on Cedar Street in Holt and the other on Michigan Avenue in Lansing. While construction for the Realize Cedar project is underway, the Holt location will have restricted hours.

“We’re happy that the Realize Cedar project is well on its way and that means closer to being finished,” Leyrer said. “I think Holt is trying to do all their updates and people seem to be happy.”

Phone calls made to Wild Strawberry and More’s Holt location are forwarded to the Lansing location. So until the construction project finishes, Leyrer and her staff recommend that customers call them or stop by their Lansing location to put in orders.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience,” she said. “Just call us and we’ll take care of you.”

2018 Cedar in Holt and 2024 E. Michigan Ave in Lansing, 517.908.8130, wildstrawberryandmore.com