Thompson’s Garage

Finding new meaning in customer service

Thompson’s Garage can handle anything that it takes to keep your car up and running: engine trouble, oil changes, clutch work, tire sales, more. But take one look at the shop’s 1957 Chevy pickup out front, the eclectic vintage decor and the four small kiddos running around, you can see that this is no ordinary car mechanic.

For couple Eric and Lacey Thompson, owning this mechanic shop together is a dream come true. Eric had worked as a mechanic for more than 25 years and always knew he wanted to open his own business. When a building came up for sale on Cedar Street in Delhi Township, the two decided to take the plunge.

“We loved the thought of being our own bosses,” Lacey Thompson said.

But shortly after closing on the property, life threw them a few curveballs. The couple welcomed their fourth child into the world and Eric was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

“When you go through something like that it changes your life,” she said. “We had to hold off on our goals because our number one goal was his health.”

After a year of treatment, Eric felt well enough to start building up the business again. A year after that in April 2018, the couple officially opened their doors. Today, Eric is cancer-free, but the experience of the last few years has made a permanent impact on the way the couple conducts their business.

“Our outlook on life has made us appreciate everyone,” she said. “You don’t really know what people are going through. So many people came to us in our time of need and helped us and so a new goal in my husband’s life is to continue to help others, especially in their time of need.”

Thompson’s Garage is at 1375 North Cedar Street in Mason, 517.676.2277,