Ram Quarterly and Delhi Neighbor will join Our Town online

If you’re reading this issue of Our Town, you’re likely doing so online. This summer, two other local publications — Holt Public Schools’ Ram Quarterly and Delhi Township’s Delhi Neighbor — are also becoming digital-only publications. And all three will be available at one online location!

It’s all about bringing you more information, more conveniently. Once the new publication site launches, you’ll find news about our schools, businesses, local government and community all in one place. They’ll also be in mobile-friendly format so you can access them any time, anywhere.

These digital publications offer our community other advantages, too:

  • Substantial money savings — no printing or mailing costs
  • Dynamic content that can be updated as needed
  • Cross-readership among the three publications — increasing the value to potential advertisers, which can further off set costs

We’ll keep you informed about the “when” and “where” of the Delhi’s digital publications as we go!