Our Dance Studio offers a new way to connect

In a world of constant communication, it can be hard to connect. 

That’s one reason Louis Soma, owner of Our Dance Studio, is passionate about partner dance. For more than 40 years, Soma has been teaching dancers of all ages and from all walks of life the fundamentals of partner dance so they can connect on the dance floor.  

“It’s all about learning to relate to each other without talking, texting, or emailing,” he said.

Our Dance Studio teaches all styles of partner dance: waltz, salsa, foxtrot, chacha, swing, and more. They offer private lessons, group classes, private group classes, wedding preparation, practice parties, and more. 

“Someone’s individual reason for wanting to dance is unique to them,” Soma said. “We teach for weddings, but some people just want a new hobby or exercise. And some people want a new way to express themselves because they’ve been shy all their lives.”

Soma’s career started when he saw a help-wanted ad for a dance instructor in Grand Rapids. When he read that the school would offer training, he thought, “why not?” He taught partner dance at several dance studios during his early career and then opened his own studio in Grand Ledge 20 years ago. Last year, Soma moved his studio to Holt. Families who visit other shops in the plaza often stop in front of the studio’s large windows to watch dancers during their lessons. Soma always makes a point to invite them inside.

“We’ve already had people walking by come in and take lessons,” he said. 

Not sure if partner dance is right for you? Our Dance Studio offers newcomers a free 45-minute partner lesson. 

“We want to get them on the dance floor, spend some time getting comfortable and see if this is the place they want to be,” Soma said. “If it’s not for them, that’s okay. But if it is, then we can help.” 

Our Dance Studio is at 2495 Cedar Street, Unit 14b, (517) 622-8588, www.ourdancestudio.com