On Patrol in Our Town

Winter Safety and Crime Prevention Tips

As winter is now in full force I wanted to take a minute to talk about some basic winter safety and crime prevention tips. As the temperatures continue to plummet during the next month or two, it is important to
remember basic safety when using space heaters and generators during these cold winter months. It is never okay to use a generator in an enclosed space such as a home or garage so please remember to follow manufacturer directions for using these items.

On a crime prevention note: during this time of year, we often see an increase in automobile theft. Almost all of these vehicles that are stolen either have the keys left in the vehicle or are left running to warm up in the driveway or parking lot. I know that no one likes getting into a cold frosty vehicle and heading to work but it is never a good idea to leave your vehicle running unattended in a driveway or parking lot. This simply makes it easy for the potential car thief to steal your vehicle with little to no effort. If you are not lucky enough to have a remote start on your vehicle, please do not leave it unattended, and do not leave keys in vehicles that are parked overnight.

Before we know it, spring will be back and temperatures will be on the rise. Until then, please protect yourself and your property by following the simple tips above. As always if you are in need of assistance or have questions please contact the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Delhi Division.

Thank you,
Andrew Duling