Making connections

The Holt Community Connect Volunteer Bureau needs you!

Do you find yourself seeking more joy? More enrichment? New skills or knowledge? Volunteering through Holt Community Connect (HCC) may be the gift that keeps on giving, says HCC Executive Director Marcy Bishop Kates.

“We provide avenues for volunteerism that also benefit the volunteer,” Marcy emphasizes. “We match you up with things you are comfortable doing.”

Holt “super volunteer” Judy Tuttle has a long history of giving back to our community; several years ago, she received a Presidential Service Award through the Michigan Community Service Commission. Judy talked about her two most recent volunteer roles and how volunteering has enriched her life.

making_connections_img“The first time I volunteered was at [Veteran’s Memorial Garden],” Judy said. “I did that for a year and enjoyed it. The next year, I was asked to do the same thing, but as an employee. So volunteering led to a paying position. I met a lot of nice people and cute kids while working in the park. It was so peaceful, and I felt like it was my own little paradise.

“And then, volunteering at the [farmer’s market]—I’ve made so many friends there, and I enjoy all the people. From the older couples who give me kisses and hugs every weekend, to the very little kids who tell me I’m ‘vewy cweative.’ I just love it.”

Many events and activities rely on volunteers to be successful. Here are a few simple ways you can get involved in the fun!

Visit Holt Community Connect’s Facebook page,

Or go to Volunteer Spot,

Or email