Gravity Smokehouse

Holt’s newest restaurant is open for business

Last fall, Our Town spoke with Bruce Kring of Gravity Smokehouse about his new restaurant location set to open on Cedar Street. At the end of August, Kring and his crew officially opened their doors and began serving their beloved BBQ classics: brisket, chicken, pork, turkey ribs and specialty mac and cheese.

Gravity Smokehouse originally started as a food truck in June 2018, traveling around central Michigan. But as their popularity and demand grew, they decided to look into buying a brick-and-mortar restaurant. They purchased the former Hot N’ Now building on Cedar Street and were welcomed to the Holt community by eager diners.

“The early days have been quite intense,” Kring said. “We sold out early almost every day. The first day was completely crazy with the drive-thru line out to the street and cars parking in the grass to be able to come inside.”

While the new restaurant features a drive-thru, Kring wants customers to know that Gravity Smokehouse is not fast food. Their BBQ classics are still prepared in the same way they were when the shop was run as a food truck and, just like a lot of other BBQ joints, it is common for the restaurant’s most popular items to run out before the day is finished.

Kring and his staff are grateful for the community support and looking forward to expanding their restaurant in the coming months.

“We are starting the design process now so that we can submit plans to the township for approval,” Kring said. “If that all goes well we would like to start an expansion in the spring.”

The new Gravity Smokehouse & BBQ restaurant is at 1850 Cedar Street in Holt, 517.258.4900.
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