Feta Transport

Nationwide hauling, local roots

Feta Transport’s business is moving cargo and freight across the country. But its business philosophy includes a strong loyalty to the local community.

“We’re local, family-owned, and like to put money back into the community,” said Bryan Thompson, terminal manager. “And if we need any supplies, we always try to work with local companies.”

Owner/founder Jeff Latifi and his business partner and brother-in-law Isa Fejzullahu live in Holt. And their company, just three years old, is already a local success story.

“It started with one truck,” said Bryan – and with Jeff’s 15 years of experience in the transportation industry. Today, Feta Transport has 25 trucks, 68 trailers, and more than 30 employees – and serves such clients as the Big Three automakers, GM Lansing and Dart Container. Feta hauls “anywhere in the lower 48,” says Bryan, and even into Canada and Mexico.

Moving product from here to there on such a grand scale is, as Bryan put it, “a simple yet complex busi- ness.” As the terminal manager, he’s right in the heart of the complex part. But he enjoys his work, especially because Feta is a family-owned company.

“I don’t feel like a number,” Bryan said.

Feta Transport is at 2155 Delhi Street NE, Holt, 694.9590.