Culligan Water Conditioning of Lansing

Dedicated to making your water better

When you say, “Hey, Culligan Man!” in the greater Lansing area, that man is Matt Carey.

Matt owns Culligan Water Conditioning of Lansing, the franchise his parents bought in 1963.

“I was born into it,” says Matt, now a 36-year veteran of the water conditioning business.

Despite the business name being Culligan of Lansing, Matt says the majority of clients he serves are in the outlying communities. Residential customers – “mostly individual homes with wells” – make up approximately 80 percent of his business.

“People like the Lansing water from the Board of Water and Light,” he points out. “My business is all about the hard water, and farther out is where the hard water is.”

Matt, like Culligan, is dedicated to making water better and healthier. People often call because their water tastes or smells funny or leaves rust stains – but some, Matt says, just want to know exactly what’s in their water, or simply want their water to taste better. Culligan of Lansing offers a variety of water conditioning solutions, from water softeners to filtration systems that remove a sometimes- frightening-sounding array of contaminants. Culligan conducts a free water analysis to find the right solution for each individual home.

Matt knows that, given their druthers, people would rather spend their money on something other than water conditioning.
“My dad used to say, ‘Believe it or not, we sell an unwanted product.’”

That’s why Matt is committed to making sure each solution he recommends is exactly what the homeowner needs – and why all residential Culligan equipment is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But with his expertise and more than ve decades of loyal customers, he’s pretty sure you’ll be happy.

Culligan Water Conditioning of Lansing is at 3460 Dunckel Rd., Lansing, 517.258.1933,